Volcanic Ceremony

Sarah and Jordan

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

The Romance

We met when we both worked at The Clark Art Institute, an art museum in Massachusetts, USA.

Sarah and Jordan Kraft   Sarah and Jordan Kraft

The Proposal

Jordan proposed on our fourth anniversary, while we were on vacation in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He got down on one knee and in theory asked me to marry him, but in reality just cried.

The Planning

I had never been someone who had my dream wedding all planned out growing up, and since we were planning on a very small wedding, it was perfect when we discovered the elopement services of Goosewing Cottage. Our package with them covered photographer, celebrant, flowers, hair and makeup, cake, videographer, and a place to stay for a couple nights, with them arranging all the details. They only things we had to think about were what we would be wearing, and providing our celebrant with our love story. They were the only venue we looked at.

Sarah and Jordan Kraft   Sarah and Jordan Kraft

The Wedding Day

Our family was all going to be coming from America for the wedding (about 10 people) and it worked out perfectly that Jordan's family was going to come to visit in June, mine in July, so we would got time with each of them, but they would also overlap for the wedding. We didn't realize just how lucky we were that everything lined up so well until COVID closed the border and they were all unable to come. But with all the uncertainly, and our planned date being a special day (our 5 year anniversary and 1 year engaged anniversary) they supported our decision to still carry on with the wedding. The weather on our wedding day was more beautiful than we ever could have imagined. We got married on top of an extinct volcano in the middle of winter, but there was a heatwave that week, the sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and no wind to speak of.

We stayed at the accommodations provided by the venue, Goosewing Cottage, the night before, and had a nice relaxing morning together, just the two of us. Everything then came to us. Hair and makeup came first, then the wedding planner with the flowers and cake, then the celebrant, photographer, videographer, and our witnesses, two of our friends from Sydney who we invited after our families couldn't come. The gazebo right outside was being decorated while we were getting ready, something we did together. I didn't have to worry about him seeing my dress, because he had actually helped me pick it out.

Sarah and Jordan Kraft   Sarah and Jordan Kraft

The Ceremony

It was so nice to be so relaxed on our wedding morning and not have to think about any of the details because they had all been taken care of. We had a traditional ceremony held in a gazebo outside on the Goosewing Cottage lawns. It was beautifully decorated by the staff, a selection of music we had chosen was played throughout and our celebrant presented a ceremony that had been written just for us and perfectly captured us as a couple.


Sarah and Jordan Kraft   Sarah and Jordan Kraft

The Reception

Since we had always planned on having just a small ceremony, we didn't plan a full reception, and instead just went out for a nice dinner with our witnesses.

The Honeymoon

Since our families were supposed to be visiting during the time of our actual wedding, we planned to hold off on our honeymoon and instead go and see them around Christmas time.


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