Wedding in Orange ...

Peter Darney & Dione McClymont

Married Saturday, 19 October 2002

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Peter and I crossed paths several times without knowing it, until one day, a mutual friend suggested I join their touch football team. So I played my first game with them, and in recovering afterwards over a drink, Peter & I spoke only a few words, yet we knew we would spend the rest of our lives together.

After a year of spending every possible moment together, we headed overseas for the trip of a lifetime, 18 months later, home again to settle into normality of working and buying a home, this was our first huge commitment, then 6 months later, Peter confirmed what we had by proposing on Treasure Island in Fiji, waiting till the night before going home, it was simply beautiful.

We almost left the choice of date up to my mother as I knew she'd be the one doing most of the organising in Orange (us being in Sydney), as long as it was in Spring, not sure why, as I suffer from hay fever and that was the last thing I needed on the wedding day, but Autumn was a busy time for all of us, so that was that!

From then we had 16 months to plan the big day. The main things were done right away, live band, church, reception and photographer done immediately!

We had a church ceremony, but kept it short and simple, however it was beautiful. The church was the perfect size for the number of guests we had, it was warm, cosy and full of love.

The church held many memories for my family as my Grandparents were married there in 1944, my Grandfather's funeral was there and I was christened there so many years ago, all very emotional, for my father particularly!

The guest list was one of the hardest things to arrange, so horrible having to make decisions about people you really want there, but know you've grown apart and never see anymore, if it were your own party, you'd just have anyone you want there, but there's two of you now and you must make it as fair as possible.

The bridesmaids dresses ended up being perfect. Two of us did some groundwork, not very successfully I might add, so I was worried. My main plan was to not have the girls spend a fortune and have something they could wear again, but didn't think it would be possible. That was until we all got together and the 1st shop we went into was all it took. Not only did they all look stunning (difficult when the 3 girls were different shapes), but it was my favourite colour - the 'be all and end all' was that they only had three left and they were all the perfect sizes that we were after!

We had a lovely reception at the country club in Orange, there's a gorgeous mansion attached to it, established in 1876. We overlooked the lush greens and fairways, which made our photos so beautiful. It was great to be able to have it all in the one place, rather than traipse all over town for hours, that was not what we wanted, our guests were a priority as they had travelled so far to be there, we did not want to keep them long.

On the day the weather was perfect (amazing for Orange as it is so unpredictable), everyone had made it from across the country, and I still fit into my dress (bonus)! But I still think the best part was as Peter carried me over the threshold into our bridal suite, awaiting us was a bottle of Moet on ice, we talked until 3am about the day, it was like we had not seen each other for weeks, when it had only been a day or so!

I was sad when it was over as I would love to do it again, but that would take the shine off so I'll just survive on memories.

It was just so easy having mum in Orange, she knew who to go to for the music, cake, flowers and photography. Much better than getting quotes from the hundreds of suppliers we didn't know.

We had a wonderful honeymoon in the Maldives, spending 5 nights on Makunudu in secluded bungalows and 3 nights on over water bungalows on Paradise Island and had special treatment the whole way. Another week in Victoria prior to going back to work was a bonus also!

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