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Jasmine and Justin

Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Romance

Let’s take ourselves back to 2011 when this story started. Justin and I both worked on Cruise Ships, I was a dancer and he was a Magician but not just a Magician, the coolest best magician in the industry and in the Fleet – Justin Illusion. So when the opportunity to audition for Justin’s show came about, I jumped at the chance. I was, successful and soon joined Justin and the rest of his cast on Carnival as a dancer. Now being on a cruise ship means you get to know everyone really quickly – that time is almost fast-forwarded compared to life on the land. And so, I got to know him very quickly, both developing a bond and liking the quirkiness, kindness and attractiveness we both saw in each other. I grew to admire Justin’s qualities; I saw that he is a very hard worker, a complete perfectionist when it comes to his work, All qualities which were attractive to me.

We quickly realised that we wanted – in fact, needed – to be together. Our attitudes and tastes just seemed to match, and although over time we’ve realized there are indeed differences, we also respect and love these differences as well as our similarities. It seemed inconceivable that we shouldn’t be together, and it wasn’t long before the ‘L’ word was uttered!

Bride, Jasmine Isack   Bride & Groom, Jasmine and Justin Isack

The Proposal

It had been 4 years being together and already we had travelled the world, seen many amazing things and I also become Justin’s Dance Captain, Assistant and Guest entertainer on ships. Now on my birthday was also the day of the show and a cast change - which meant, a new cast had learnt his intense high energy and challenging show and was to go on stage for the first time that night. I had a lot of pressure in my head and didn’t think they would pull it off. The cast surprised us and did really well! We had a lot of crew members in the audience watching the show and a lot more than normal, I saw the Captain, Staff Captain and Cruise Director, with whom Justin and I are both really good friends, so I thought they came to support the new cast.

When the Curtain was meant to come down as we bowed and finished … it didn’t and the cast wasn’t reacting either, like they knew something was going to happen. I saw Justin walk over to the Cruise Director and grab the microphone, and then I think ok he’s going to congratulate the new cast for doing a great job, farewell the old cast who were sitting in the audience and maybe sing me Happy Birthday. He congratulates both cast groups and then asks me to come forward. I’m now waiting for him to start singing as he mentions to the 2000 seat audience that it’s my birthday.

Justin was telling me how much I meant to him, I’m thinking “ok there is sweet music playing in the background and I’m waiting for the embarrassing Happy Birthday song to start playing” and all of a sudden Justin drops to one knee and opens up this beautiful black velvet box with a stunning black diamond with eye catching white diamonds around it. The audience and cast scream with excitement! I was so surprised that I forgot there was an audience of 2,000 people in front of me but all I wanted to do was say “YES” and kiss him. As soon as I said, “YES” streamers popped over me with all the crew coming up on the stage hugging me, the audience clapping with standing ovation and the Captain handing me an ice bucket with champagne and a bunch of roses. We all took a final bow with a kiss from Justin and then the curtain closed.

The staff Captain came up to Justin and myself and up graded us from our little crew cabin to a guest couples suite with roses on the bed, chocolate covered strawberries and another bottle of champagne. We were at the back of the ship overlooking the water behind us as we sailed back to Sydney, Australia from Noumea. A birthday I will never forget it! We were not just known as Magicians on the ship with a awesome show but newly engaged couple of the cruise.


Bride & Groom, Jasmine and Justin Isack   Bride & Groom, Jasmine and Justin Isack

The Planning

In 2016 Justin and I decided we wanted to be married in July 2017. We worked on the cruise ships for 6 months at a time and I wanted to get much done before I went back overseas to join Justin on the Norwegian Cruise liner. At the time Justin was away in Orlando with his 2 daughters and I started My PLANNING looking at venues, wedding dresses and wedding photographers. I’d have to admit that the venue was the hardest for me. Mum and I took a drive up the mountain to meet Bi from Tamborine Gardens and straight away I was in awe as the photos did not do this place justice. We were walking around the gardens and I was falling in love with it more and more. Bi totally set the scene for me and it wasn’t my imagination, it was a real Dream wedding. I didn’t want to see any more. I made my decision, TAMBORINE GARDENS with Bi.

Every Vendor I was looking for like my Photographer (Lee Calleja Thomas), Celebrant (Roxy Hotten) Florist (BSweet Hitomi) Makeup & Hair artist (Hollywood Brides) Cake (Little Cupcake shop Eve), was so fun searching for and made it easy for me, I was very grateful for their meet and greets. It was like I’d known them for ages.

Next was finding my perfect dress. I went to a wedding dress shop called Luv Bridal in Harbour Town and met Tanya who was helping me find my perfect dress. I was trying on dress after dress and then I looked in the Mirror and saw one on a mannequin. I turned around “THATS IT”. I tried it on and couldn’t stop smiling; I just didn’t want to take it off. Dress was ticked off straight away.

During most of the time back on the Ship, Justin and I are professional dancers so we knew our families were going to be expecting an amazing First Dance. A month into the learning something impressive and really hard for ourselves, we were arguing because we are perfectionists at what we do. So we said let’s stop and do this for ‘us’ not just for our families and friends expecting something grand. We changed songs and turned it into something we were going to enjoy and still look impressive because we love what we are doing and having fun. Practicing all the time was a must for us, sometimes after our 2 shows we do every night as it was quite high energy at the end and we needed to build up the stamina for the Big Day. When Justin and I got off the Ship and travelled back to Australia. I showed him everything from our Magicial Venue to meeting all our vendors and he loved every choice. I did well.


Bride & Groom, Jasmine and Justin Isack   Bride & Groom, Jasmine and Justin Isack

The Wedding Day

The morning was beautiful I woke up to nature’s birds and a ray of sunshine. In our beautiful Cottage the girls were both up and just as excited as I was jumping up and down yelling out “YOUR GETTING MARRIED”. Britney and Laura made an amazing breakfast then at 9am there was a knock on the Door. It was my Makeup artist and to my shock she was pregnant so she brought the owner of Hollywood Brides along to help her just in case. I was so happy and relaxed I knew everything was going well.

Justin and I exchanged our own little letters to each other and it really made me breathe in, smile and laugh at the same time. I was so ready to be his wife. My beautiful Mother came in and nearly cried when she first saw me, but knew that if I saw her cry then it was all over for me. She gave me encouraging words of wisdom, kissed me on the cheek and said I’ll see you soon. After that I was ready to go, I was in my dress, with hair and make up done, my bridesmaids ready, my Dad by my side, I took one more sip of my glass of champagne and then Bi walked in the Door.


Bride & Groom, Jasmine and Justin Isack   Bride & Groom, Jasmine and Justin Isack

The Ceremony

My Dad squeezed my hand and said “here we Go” I was ready. Everything was on site from the Cottages, ceremony and reception and walking from the cottage to The Gazebo was a beautiful setting with all our family and friends on either side and the most perfect flower decorations I have ever seen. Guests travelled from all over the world and Australia to be at our wedding and some very talented friends generously offered to take part in our wedding. Three of my friends sang a beautiful song during the ceremony that they had put together and one even playing a Ukulele. Justin and I made our own Vowels in old-fashioned scripts and both teared up when we read them to each other. Ending with a dipped Kiss, Justin and I walked back down the aisle happy and rejoicing as Mr and Mrs Isack.


Bride & Groom, Jasmine and Justin Isack   Bride & Groom, Jasmine and Justin Isack

Next was champagne cheese and a family photo. During our photo shoot Justin’s very experienced and talented friend took over the entertaining with some LIVE Magic. Our guest’s were very entertained and amused while Justin and I went to a beautiful scenic view at sunset over looking the whole of my home city, The Gold Coast.


Bride & Groom, Jasmine and Justin Isack   Bride & Groom, Jasmine and Justin Isack

The Reception

Justin, our bridal party and I were ready to enter the Starlight room with our amazing good friend MC/Magician Tony introducing us in and walking down the fairy lit stairs. I’ve never felt so much like a loved star and I should know as I’ve been on the stage since I could remember. The night was just perfect, amazing three-course meal, and the most unique Cake topper I’ve ever seen from my Uncle. My Uncle designed a levitation model of a trick Justin and I Perform in the show. There were dolls that looked just like us. I was on top of a man made mountain with mists, lights, wines of flowers and beautiful cupcakes surrounding the mountain. It was an amazing moment when Justin and I both looked around over looking our friends and family having a good time and being super grateful and privileged to have our loved ones around us.

After the speeches it was time for our big moment. It was a huge deal for Justin and I, so all day we were excited about finally performing, as I also had a Surprise during the dance that we both were ready to reveal. The song was Aerosmiths - Don't want to miss a thing. It was a beautiful lyrical dance with lifts and extravagant love sequences. At the end, it looked like we were finishing but then the music went into a fast pace and upbeat song called Glitterball and Justin suddenly rips off my Full length skirt that turned into a knee length Rah Rah skirt. The guests went crazy, jumped up and squealed with excitement. The dance was awesome and went really well. Love was really in the air. Justin wanted to do some Magic so for the Garter, I sat down and while Welcome to the Jungle by Gun’s’Roses came on, he starts pulling out 80 ft streamer out of my dress, then a Dancing Cane following with a 10ft Pole and ending gracefully by taking the garter. Guests erupted with excitement and laughter during the whole thing.

My gorgeous Autistic brother managed to squeeze into the Garter AND Flower Toss, catching both of them but handing the flowers to the girl next to him. Our Wedding was Unique, Personalized, Entertaining and Full of Love all around, I couldn't have asked for a better Day.


Bride & Groom, Jasmine and Justin Isack   Bride & Groom, Jasmine and Justin Isack

Wedding Advice ...

The whole day went in a blink of an eye and I enjoyed every second of it. So make sure every once and a while you stop, look around, smile and soak it in. This is your day, so listen to advice and recommendations but do what you have always imagined your Dream wedding would be and it will happen.

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