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Bianca and Michael

Saturday, 12 May 2018

The Romance

We meet on A dating app back in September 2014, it started with a notification "you have a match"..., then after talking for a while we had our first date which was a walk along the water at The Entrance with an ice cream ... we were never apart from that day on.

One night when first started dating we were out on my balcony looking at the beach and the stars. He hugged me and held my face, he said I had the most beautiful eyes that sparkled, he called me sparkles from then on, everyday he makes me feel so special and beyond loved.

Bianca and Michael Nicholls   Bianca and Michael Nicholls

The Proposal

We always say to each other "I love you forever, minus one day". For our three year anniversary Michael organized a surprise weekend away to Salamander Bay NSW, we were enjoying a few cocktails on our balcony with the music playing. Back when we had first met the song “thinking out loud” was released and we said it was “our song”. While enjoying our cocktails I didn’t realise he had set up a playlist, he was waiting for the song to come on to propose to me, when it came on I turned to say "it’s our song" and saw him on one knee next to me. I realized how in love I was with him when he introduced me to his daughters Tayla and Summer, just watching what a fantastic and caring father he was melted my heart ... and he wanted me to be apart of it all ... I just thought “a family to call my own”. YES! Of course, I would marry him!


Bianca and Michael Nicholls   Bianca and Michael Nicholls

The Planning

We were engaged in Sep 2017 and I started looking immediately for a venue. I found this fantastic company called "Elope or Wed with a twist" which was based in the Hunter Valley NSW. It was basically a one stop shop which included absolutely everything from the amazing venue at Mystwood's Retreat, accommodation, photographer, videographer, cake, Hair, Makeup, flowers, decorating, food and beverages to name a few. We just had to bring the dress, suit, rings, bridal party and guests, we went and viewed everything at their open day late December 2017.

After talking to the Owner and organizer, Sue Taylor, there were no dates until the end of 2018 beginning 2019, well I didn’t want to wait that long and no other venue was jumping out at me. A week or so after the open day I called Sue and asked her to please have a look and see if there was anything as we loved the venue so much. She responded with "Well you wouldn’t believe it there has been a cancellation for May 12th" I said "2019??", Sue said "No, 2018". Well I quickly responded "We’ll take it". After I hung up I realized I had 4 months to organise our forever day! I had a lot of input and support from my now husband Michael, it was great organizing everything together we also support from our bridal party.

The Wedding Day

It was a beautiful day, even with a little light shower for good luck and added to our amazing wedding photos. We had Cabins on site at the retreat so the whole bridal party had their own cabins, My bridesmaids and I, stayed together in one of the cabins the night before the wedding. Michael and I didn’t see each other before the wedding as he wanted to "take it all in" when I walked down the aisle. We were both so excited.

We were both nervous and so excited our day was finally here, we both had organized gifts to send each other the morning of the wedding. I sent a white box wrapped in black satin ribbon which included an Armani watch (so he wouldn't be late), personalized socks that said "don’t get cold feet", Cuban cigar and a bottle of scotch with engraved scotch glasses for the bridal party (to calm the nerves)!

Michael had organized little gifts to be sent to me. The 1st gift was a personalized "Mrs Nicholls" coffee mug to enjoy my morning coffee when I woke up. The 2nd gift was a beautiful gold bangle engraved "forever, minus one day" and a bottle of perfume he knew I loved and the 3rd gift was a bottle of grey goose on a bed of Ode and rose petals "to calm my nerves"


Bianca and Michael Nicholls   Bianca and Michael Nicholls


The Ceremony

We had our close family and friends attend our special day. Our ceremony was held at Mystwood's retreat which was on the side of the mountain overlooking the beautiful country side, it had old church pews and a beautifuly decorated arch with all the flowers from my bouquet draped over it. I'm a huge Elvis Presley fan and have always loved "Can't help falling in love" but I found an acoustic version that gave me goose bumps by Kina Grannis. I was walked down the aisle by my grandfather Ron to this song. The mood and atmosphere was everything and beyond what I was expecting. When I reached Michael we forgot about everyone else being there and just couldn't stop staring and smiling at each other.


The Reception

Our reception was also at Mystwood's Retreat, under a beautiful clear roof marquee, It was decorated in the rustic country theme and not a detail missed. We had an open fireplace and antique lounges, festoon lighting and candles everywhere it was so stunning I wanted to cry. The best thing I loved was that the guests were so entertained, we had games, music, photo booth and dancing.


Bianca and Michael Nicholls   Bianca and Michael Nicholls


The Honeymoon

We have both always wanted to go to Europe and experience it for ourselves as we always watched travel shows, documentaries and history channel on Europe. Three days after our wedding we headed to Europe for our honeymoon, 4 nights in Paris, 3 nights in Venice, 1 night in Pisa, 5 nights Rome finishing up with a week in The Greek islands (Mykonos and Santorini). This was a dream come true and can't wait to one day go back and visit Paris and Santorini.

Wedding Advice ...

Don't let your forever day be stressful and let little things become big things. This is the best day of your life and it's about inviting your closest friends and family to celebrate your journey together. Also wear comfortable shoes, you are in them all day and you will be actively walking around so be kind to your feet.

The best moment for me was seeings Michael's face as I walked down the aisle, standing there with his daughters with such love in his eyes, this was the moment I realised "There stands my family".

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