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Wedding Accessories

Items such as veils, headpiece, lingerie, shoes and so on are the most common and popular wedding accessories.

When it comes to veils, there are (perhaps to your surprise) quite a few different styles. The tradition of wearing a wedding veil goes back centuries, across multiple cultures and religions. However, modern brides tend to make a decision on this wedding accessory based more on its suitability to their dress than any other reason.

Next is your headpiece and whether any jewellry you wear co-ordinates with it. Once again, the wearing of a headpiece is optional, depending on the bride's personal preferences and its matching with her bridal gown. Often the colour of the bridal gown will determine the type/s of jewellry in your tiara. A classic example being Pearl - which is a popular wedding dress colour and obviously goes well with the pearls in a jewelled headpiece.

Lingerie is very much a personal choice when it comes to each bride. Our two recommendations are to choose items that make you feel like a goddess AND that are comfortable to wear for most of the day. It's a bit late to be changing an undergarmet half-way through the wedding ceremony because it's driving you crazy, so pick and choose carefully. Options such as a strapless bra and g-string are great for being out of sight, yet performing their 'task' valiantly!

A last thing to think of when it comes to your wedding accessories is the traditional 'Something Old, Something New', 'Something Borrowed', 'Something Blue' items you choose.

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