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Wedding Beauticians

The Glowing Bride

A lot of planning goes in to organising a wedding and whilst we focus on doing many things in advance, like coordinating our wedding dress, selecting a wedding photographer or booking a reception venue, we sometimes don't allow enough time for our beauty regime. Most brides are keen to appear their best on their wedding day which includes presenting a beautiful and refreshed skin. This doesn't happen naturally for all of us, but the last thing we should do is have treatments just before our wedding that our skin has not experienced before.

Like all other aspects of our wedding, we should put in a little planning for our beauty regime. Start a regular skin care program at least three months before your wedding, this way if you have any skin reactions, you have time to adjust and if not, you are giving your skin plenty of time for care and nourishment to present with clear and radiant skin on your wedding day.

Whether you can afford a beauty specialist or you are going to manage your own beauty regime don't leave it to the last minute. Plan ahead and start with regular facials. Your skin care program should include regular facials and a daily routine, of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Perhaps a skin care specialists can advise you on the an appropriate method and products that would work best for your skin type.

If you have been consistent with your beauty regime, which means your skin is now accustomed to the cleansing, moisturizing and your products then there should be no fear of breakouts. Then it should be safe and you should schedule your pre wedding facial a few days before your wedding day to achieve the maximum benefit on the day

Your hands will also be on view constantly on your wedding day, so skin and nails should be kept in good condition. Again, it is important to commence your hand and nail regime at least a couple of months before your wedding, to allow enough time to get your hands in the best physical condition. Consistent manicures will help you present your nails and cuticles at their best. If you plan on having false nails, acrylics, gel nails or similar, again, do not have this for the first time just for your wedding. Try a few different methods in the months leading up to your wedding to find a process that works for you.

Don't forget your feet, particularly if you are wearing open toe shoes. Our feet are often neglected, but if you can plan for at least two pedicures before your wedding, your feet will thank you.

Other areas that need maintenance, should be factored into also. These can be very personal and vary from Bride to Bride. Hair removal, brow shaping, aesthetic treatments, teeth and more. With each of these, the same advice must be said. Whichever treatment you are planning to do, do not have the first one just before your wedding. Make sure you are comfortable with the respective treatment and your body doesn't react. For most people, our wedding is not a full dress rehearsal where we get to iron out any issues and do it again the following week. Instead, it is like a full on live stage show, a one-off event, which you want to be very special. So beauty planning is as much about looking great as it is about avoiding potential skin disasters!

The services provided by beauticians typically relate to skin health, facial treatments and aesthetics, foot care, manicures, aromatherapy, - even meditation, oxygen therapy, mud baths. They also provide many maintenance services, such as hair removal, eyelash and or eyebrow tinting, eyebrow shaping, exfoliation, facials, cellulite treatment and more. Determine which treatments you wish to have and include them in a scheduled beauty plan to give you and your skin enough time to get the best benefit!