Wedding Bomboniere & Favours

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Wedding Bomboniere & Favours

The concept behind Bomboniere, originated in France, around 300 years ago, when a small box of sweets was given away to guests on happy occasions. Over time the idea spread to other parts of the world and in particular to Italy and Greece. Bomboniere consisted of an uneven number (typically 5 or 7) of sugar-coated almonds, representing the bittersweet life of a married couple.

Through immigration the tradition of the almonds arrived in Australia. Typically the sugar-coated almonds are wrapped in tulle and attached to a small gift for each guest or couple, such as photo frame or a small vase. In America the bridal couple present a small gift (called a 'favour') to each guest for attending the wedding.

Some couples are personalising wedding 'favours', such as chocolates, candles, soaps and pot-purri sachets, with guests names and having them act as place cards. This works particularly well for outdoor weddings as these wedding favours tend to be heavier and easier to anchor than paper place cards.

Some ideas for bomboniere for guests include:-

* Individually boxed handmade chocolates
* Personalised candles
* Individual tulle/organza bags of pot purri
* Wrapped soaps
* Small boxes of iced biscuits
* Miniature pastel wedding cake
* Small picture frames
* Trinket boxes