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Wedding Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower Games are a fun part of the lead-up to your big day. Of course, be prepared to be embarrassed - there's no way you'll avoid that! :)

The bridal shower (sometimes called kitchen tea) is put on by the bridesmaids to prepare the bride for her impending marriage. Tradition has it that a bride would be preparing to set up her own home for the first time, and so her bridesmaids, friends, mothers and relatives would 'shower' her with homeware type gifts.

Obviously, in this modern age, it's somewhat rare to find a bride-to-be who is still living at home, so while the tradition is not necessarily appropriate these days, any excuse for a good party and lots of cool gifts is always welcome. After all, you can never have too many kitchen goodies!

Also, it's a great opportunity for some female bonding and perhaps learning a few pearls of married life wisdom from the ladies who have already been married.

Here's a couple of example bridal shower games you might like to play:

How well does the bride know the groom?
In advance of the bridal shower, ask the groom 20 or so questions about himself. At the shower, have everyone ask how well they think the bride knows her groom. Have them write down how many of the questions they think she will get right. Some question ideas are: "What was his first pet and it's name?". "His group, color, and so on." "How old was he when.... he had his first kiss, etc."

Another fun bridal shower game is:
Famous T.V. Couples
Write down the last names of at least 20 famous T.V. couples, and your friends and family have to figure out the first names. Give them only about 5 minutes to guess the names. Then read the first names and the T.V. show that they were from. It's a fun game to play! Whoever gets the most wins the game.

These 2 are just a SMALL selection of fun bridal shower games you might like to use. To see the full list, check out's Bridal Shower Games complete list. Thanks to them for the 2 examples.

Did You Know?
The chief bridesmaid is usually a sister or close friend of the bride. However, if she is already married herself or if the bride is a widow and is re-marrying, her title becomes Matron of Honour.

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