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Wedding Cakes

Stunning and Scrumptious Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake can be a beautiful feature of your wedding reception. Choosing your wedding cake will depend on the style of your wedding, your taste buds and your budget. Traditional cakes can be simple or very decorative, but often very rich, like a dark fruit cake. Sometimes there is an ornate display and cutting cake with additional cakes in the back to supplement the quantity required for serving.

The traditional fruit cake holds it shape well, can be prepared in advance and will remain fresh and scrumptuous for the big day and even for days after for you to give out to family and friends who were not able to share your wedding day with you.

Other choices for wedding cakes include, Cup cakes, which are very popular as guests find them scrumptious and easy to handle. Croquembouche, a concial structure of profiteroles, is another popular choice. Not as popular, but a very tasty option is the continental sponge cake.

The number of tiers of the cake will depend on the size of your wedding, that is, the number of wedding guests you need to cater for. But often people work on the display and decorative elements of their wedding cake, so it makes the best statement possible at the wedding reception, disregarding the actual quantity needed, as they then have a back up cake, same flavour and look and feel, stored in the kitchen for cutting, so as not to detract from the presentation of the wedding cake.

The simplest way to select your wedding cake is to go and check out some cake shops, talk to the staff, taste some different options and review their gallery of photos. Putting together different bits and pieces from various designs of other wedding cakes can also work well. If one design doesn't work for you, then combine some that do.

The cake should probably be ordered around two months before your wedding day and make sure you diarise to call them two weeks and one week before to confirm they have it scheduled for you. You would hate to turn up to collect your wedding cake and it slipped through the cracks!

On the day the first piece of cake is traditionalyy shared by the bride and groom, then the rest of the cake is cut up and handed out to the guests to enjoy.