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Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake Designs

Your wedding cake is a beautiful feature of your wedding reception. They are a gorgeous centrepiece at the reception, and cutting the cake is a high point of the night. Traditional cakes can be simple or very decorative, light or rich fruit cake.

The traditional fruit cake holds it shape well, can be prepared in advance and will remain fresh and amazing for the big day. Fruit cake will also last for days after for you to give out to family and friends.

Wedding Cakes

Other choices for wedding cakes include, cupcakes, croquembouche, sponge cake, and even quirky options like doughnuts!

The cake should probably be ordered around two months before your wedding day and make sure you diarise to call them two weeks and one week before to confirm they have it scheduled for you. You would hate to turn up to collect your wedding cake and it slipped through the cracks!

The simplest way to select your wedding cake is to go and check out True Bride’s amazing suppliers. Find the ideal wedding cake supplier in our directory and get to designing your amazing cake!