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Wedding Cars

Wedding Cars

Being driven to your wedding ceremony can be a delightful surreal experience, almost melancholy full of all the excitement and apprehension of what lies ahead, a chance for you to take a deep breath and try and calm the nerves and relax before your big moment.

Your wedding car, can be purely a mode of transport to your ceremony and reception venue, or it could provide you with the ultimate touch of luxury and extravagance, making you feel very special as you glide along in your chauffeur driven limousine.

Wedding car models include classic cars, such as, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Daimler and Cadillacs. But other cars used can include the Hummer, stretch limousines, Volkswagen vans and very popular a beautiful horse and carriage. Most popular wedding car colours include, white, silver and black, but we have seen some amazing gold vehicles, royal blue and dark burgundy.

The number of wedding cars required will depend on your budget and the size of the wedding party. Typically, the father of the bride, together with the bride, travel in the first car, with her bridesmaids and other attendants following in the next car. But if there are more than 4 attendants and the mother of the bride is also to be driven to the ceremony, then perhaps a third car will be required. Cars for the groom and groomsmen may also be arranged, usually leaving from a different location than the bride - of course!

To save money occasionally friends with special cars may volunteer to drive you and the wedding party. Whilst this may be very appealing, just be sure you are comfortable with this option. The cars may not suit your wedding theme, or be consistent across the number of cars you need, or they may not be cleaned and decorated to present as a wedding car. The most serious issue to consider is whether the friends driving appreciate the concept of time and direction, that is, when to get you there and the best route to get you there, to ensure you arrive as relaxed as possible, not stressing that your bridal party has been split in the drive and you aren't sure who is arriving when. With a professional company, many of these details are taken care of, which means one less thing for you to worry about.

Importantly, make an effort to go and see the vehicles before you book. It seems easy with photos and video on the internet to make your selection and book sight unseen, but what if, they aren't what you expected on the day. Sometimes the images we see online are not as current as we would expect. It is best to see the condition of the wedding cars in person, so you know exactly what you are hiring.