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Wedding Caterers

The team at True Bride, Australia's leading wedding directory, know that food is one of the biggest things your guests will remember from your wedding day. After all, we all have horror stories about wedding food that was a let down or, worse, over or under cooked!

Wedding Caterers

The best weddings have food that complements your theme, the time of day or night, and ensures your guests are happy. With so many options available on True Bride, we have options that are perfect for you and your big day!

Whether you have a sit-down dinner, a buffet or cocktails and canapes, you will find the perfect solution in our wedding directory!

Wedding Catering Services

Looking for something creative and modern to fit your theme? Choose a modern caterer driven by their creative vision, distinctly different and delicious food, that is presented with creative flare!

Want something different, quirky or spicy? Explore a wide range of quirky options, including food trucks and themed, creative buffets!

No matter if you're looking for a relaxed, hassle free and intimate dining experience or a lavish feast, our caterers have the right options for you! Explore caterers who specialise in using organic, seasonal and environmentally friendly produce to make your wedding perfect!

Wedding Reception Catering

Want a fun, exciting cocktail themed wedding? Find vendors who offer dedicated, bespoke drink experiences for you and your guests. No matter the location, our suppliers can help you create the perfect food and drinks experience for your wedding!

Dine in paradise with our wide range of award-winning caterers found throughout Australia. Explore your options above to find the perfect package for you and your partner on True Bride!