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Reception, Ceremony & Honeymoon all in One - The Ideal Destination Wedding Location

With the expense of weddings increasing and the desire to do something "different," there is a recent trend towards combining wedding reception, ceremony, and Honeymoon ~ commonly know marrymoons. Many have got married overseas, but previously this has always been a challenge to organise.

Looking for the Perfect Wedding Destination Overseas?

With a destination wedding, the number of guests attending the function becomes more controlled. It may be cost-effective than a typical wedding and the extra bonus - everyone invited gets a holiday. For many, there is excitement in planning something like this working with different suppliers and making this happen for one particular moment. However, some may find this daunting as the idea of juggling multiple overseas suppliers at the same time is enough to cause anxiety over the idea of a destination wedding.

The most significant issue with an overseas wedding tends to be some of your guest lists will not be able to make it. For example, your grandparents may not travel and may seem upset when you announce that you've decided to get married overseas.

Destination Wedding Venues for a Memorable Long Lasting Wedding Day

Getting married overseas can often be more affordable than the average wedding. Many couples buy their own tickets, and it is acceptable for guests to pay their own way. You can invite just a select handful of friends and family to the wedding, so you're only with very close company. It's a great way to avoid inviting unwanted relatives and all their children. Destination weddings can be the perfect escape just make sure you consider the wedding venue carefully.