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Wedding Dry Cleaning Services

Wedding Gown Cleaning Specialists

If you are planning on using an heirloom, say your mother's or grandmother's wedding dress or someone else that means something to, ensure you allow plenty of time to have the gown cleaned and restored and any alterations required to fit you well.

To avoid your dress yellowing with age, it must be cleaned as soon as possible after your wedding. The stains that are visible are obvious, but there could be some invisible stains, such as spilt mineral water or lemonade, that doesn't show on the gown, but may cause yellowing and problems years down the track.

Before dropping your gown off, make sure your dry cleaner is a wedding gown specialist. If you have trims on your dress such as pearls, beads, applique, lace, sequins or embroidery, as your wedding dry cleaner specialist if they are dry cleanable. Particularly, if any of the embellishments are glued on, the glue may not cope well with the dry cleaning solvent and may dissolve or the trims may be subject to discolouration.

Once your gown is cleaned, it should be wrapped in a white cotton sheet or muslin and then packed in a specialist box to be stored in a dry, cool place. When a dress is exposed to heat and dampness this can stimulate mildew growth or yellowing of the fabric.

Another option to store your wedding dress once dry cleaned, is to hang it on a covered hanger. It would be helpful to sew straps to the waist of the dress and use these on the top of the hanger also, to relieve any pressure from the weight of the skirt in your wedding gown.

It is important to entrust your wedding dress to a specialist wedding dress cleaner who has expertise in the cleaning and restoration of delicate fabric and intricate trims. If they are specialists then they should be able to provide you with some sort of guarantee in relation to the preservation of certain fabrics. Wedding dress cleaning specialists have usually made a study of many fabrics and have a good understanding as to what processes are available to them to treat your dress to ensure it survives and perhaps can be used as your own heirloom for your daughter, grand daughter or even daughter-in-law. Many specialist cleaners are prepared to fully guarantee treatment agains yellowing and deterioration of fabric, as long as the correct, recommended storage procedures are adhered to.