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Wedding Lingerie

Wedding Lingerie for comfort, elegance and confidence

The wedding day will always be memorable, but in truth, it goes so fast. So many things to do all in one single day. All the planning, preparation, and it is all over in a flash. However, some events will be memorable and stand out. Above all, you want to feel comfortable and look your best. Wearing the correct wedding lingerie will definitely make your day a lot more enjoyable and help you look extra special.

Honeymoon Lingerie, simply too important to overlook

After a fantastic wedding day when all the celebrations are finally over, and the dust has settled, you can finally spend some time alone with your partner. It's a time for romance. A time for both of you to be together, away from all the noise and distractions of daily life. It's time for a honeymoon, a period to spend some quality time together. Honeymoon lingerie is of paramount importance and literally has the power to turn a good night into a fantastic night that will have long-lasting memories.

Choosing Bridal or Honeymoon Lingerie

The choice of bridal lingerie you select depends on three main areas; your unique taste, the dress you are wearing, and your body shape. Bridal lingerie is now something of a wedding tradition, although the bride is in control, and this is not mandatory. Many brides may opt for comport and simplicity over lingerie, and it's up to the individual.

Bridal Lingerie Bras

For many women, bras are a staple part of dressing every day. However, on your wedding day, the choice of bra may be more elaborate. This choice will also depend on the dress you are wearing. Let's expand on this. Recent trends are leading towards more structured bodices that have incorporated inbuilt cups or bras for the breasts area and are so similar to a corset that it may not be required to wear a bra. Alternatively, you may wear a fitted long sleeve gown or high-neck that needs a padded bra to fill it out, or you require extra support to better suit your dress's neckline.
If you decide on a backless dress, you may contemplate options like an adhesive bra or stick-on cups. These bra types usually offer limited support but are effective at covering the nipples. Other bras include low back bras, plunge bras, and convertible bras so you can adjust straps and hide them with contours and shapes. Above all bridal lingerie is up to you.