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Wedding Music & Entertainment

The music you choose for your wedding should reflect your feelings about your wedding day, and the mood you wish to set as it forms a very special part of your day.

Wedding Music

Something you will need to decide fairly early in the piece is whether you want a DJ or a live band.

Your wedding entertainment can make or break the mood at your reception, so it is important to research your options fully. Ensure your band or DJ can provide great MCing skills, and humour. This will ensure the guests have a good time and hopefully some laughs as well, all of which they will remember for years to come. Song flexibility is also important!

Wedding Music & Entertainment

At the reception, choose a great song to walk in on when announced to the guests. Most couples have one song in particular that brings them close together with warm fuzzy feelings. Consider having this song played as your first dance together as husband and wife (bridal waltz), especially if it has a powerful emotional effect on the two of you.

Also, a nice touch towards the end of the wedding is a song dedicated to the families of the bride and groom from the happy couple.

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