What Colour Wedding Dress?

Traditional White or Something Different for You?

Will you wear the traditional white wedding dress or are you going to buck tradition and go with your favourite colour?

Not all our brides have worn white wedding gowns. Some of them have gone for dramatic red, whilst others have worn shades of blue. Whilst most people are comfortable with bridesmaids wearing almost any colour dress (brights, pales and even black), when it comes to the bride the most common colours of choice are white and ivory.

Some say that over the last few years there has been a trend towards coloured wedding dresses, pale blues, pinks, shades of turquoise, reds and blacks. Truebride has been running the Bride of the Year Competition for fifteen years now, and we would have to say that 95% of our entrants are wearing white or ivory. The next most popular colour we have noticed is red, either the entire bridal gown is red or there is significant trimming of the bridal gown in red. Another colour used several times would be pale blue and yes, the occasional black.

Just worth noting, that if you decide to go white, were you aware that there are around 200 shades of white? So just when you thought it was safe and you were going traditional white, this can become a challenge too, when you're choosing the 'white' of your bridal gown.

We thought it would be nice to put together a collection of different colour wedding gowns our Bride of the Year Entrants have worn over the years for you to peruse. There is no right or wrong, at the end of the day, it is what "YOU" want to wear. What traditions you are comfortable with, what looks good on you and what you feel like wearing. Importantly, it is your choice, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Click on any image below to enlarge the photo and browse through a collection of coloured wedding gowns worn by many of our past Bride of the Year entrants.