Wedding Ideas

Wedding Tips and Advice, Wedding Symbolism and more, True Bride has put together a collection of topics to help with your wedding research and planning. Browse the articles listed below to find a wedding topic that might be of interest to you. If you have an interesting wedding idea/topic you would like to share with us, please send us an email.

Choosing your Bridesmaids
Being a bridesmaid should be an honour, not a chore. An important part of your bridal party. How do you determine, who and how many? Friends or relatives?
Top 10 Wedding Flowers And Wedding Bouquet Tips!
Your Wedding Flowers will be a central theme to your entire wedding, both in the church and at your reception centre. Therefore, it's important to pick the perfect flower combination, whether you go for the traditional red rose, or something more exotic such as orchids.
Top 10 Best Long Lasting Lipsticks
Whether you're going for a more natural look or a dramatic, bold look for your big day, the fact remains that you'll likely be wearing some kind of lip colour. Even a subtle nude colour can really polish off your look and make you feel amazingly glamorous and who doesn't want that on her wedding day?
9 Best Wedding Perfumes
Perfume, a woman's signature, what will be yours for the day? Something that you always wear, or are you prepared to try something different, perhaps a romantic scent? Read on to find out how you can create your signature scent to see you through the entire day.
Wedding Eye Makeup
Bright, beautiful eyes (windows to your soul) are easy to achieve with the right makeup tricks. Here we tell you what you need to know.
Flower Girls and Page Boys
Gorgeous Flower Girls and Cute Pageboys, historically they were a tradition for weddings with symbolic meaning. Today they hold tradition but more so are a beautiful addition to the bridal party.
Wedding Master of Ceremony
Wedding MC - Give Wedding Guests an Amazing time. How Even a Nervous, First-Time Wedding MC with No Comedy experience can Entertain and Dazzle The Wedding Guests With 101 Funny, Clean, and 'Field-Tested' Wedding Jokes.
Wedding Speech
Being asked to make a wedding speech or toast is one of life's great honors. Wow! What an important job that is.
Wedding Symbolism
Have you ever wondered where some of our wedding traditions, like the wedding garter, have originated? Well read on ...
Destination Weddings
Marrymoons or Marrimoons - Where couples combine their ceremony, wedding reception and honeymoon in the one Location. Destination weddings, now more and more popular than ever!
Changing Your Name
What's in a name? Well, your identity, for starters -- you've spent your whole life "making a name for yourself." That's why changing your name after marriage isn't necessarily easy. The good news is that brides today have many options.
Wedding Vows
Wedding vows can be traditional but many choose to personalise their vows by writing their own.
Selecting Your Wedding DJ
So you have decided you want a DJ to entertain at your event, the next step is to choose a DJ that will play for your style of event and is within your budget.
Saving for Your Dream Wedding
Many Australian brides are faced with an even greater challenge: to meet their prince charming at the altar, without breaking the bank. With continual news of grocery prices, petrol and interest rate changes, many brides are left wondering how they can afford the wedding they've always dreamed of.
Pricy Wedding Dresses
The average Australian spend (nationwide) on a gown is approximately, $1,750.00. Whatever your budget is, it is unlikely to be as expensive as the gown worn by Donald Trump's third wife.