Flower Girls and Page Boys
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Adorable Flower Girls and Page Boys

A flower girl is usually a young girl between the age of three and ten and in a traditional wedding procession the flower girl typically walks, immediately after the maid of honor, in front of the bride scattering flower petals along the bridal path, (although some ceremony venues these days don't always allow scattering of petals). Alternatives to petals used are confetti, rice or a mixture of both and bubbles are often a magical touch.

Flower girl with Bride Page Boys with bow ties

The flower girl is usually a member of the bride and grooms extended families or a friend of either family, but in modern days we occasionally see flower girls who are daughters of the bride and groom, proudly being a part of their parent's wedding.

The flower girls dress traditionally resembled the bride's gown, like a mini-version and as she leads the bride down the aisle it symbolizes the end of the bride's innocence and her progression into her roles of mother and wife.

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Traditionally, a flower girl's outfit was paid for by the bride and groom or their families, however many couples today expect the parents of the flower girl to pay for her clothing and other expenses related to her involvement, unless of course it is their own daughter.

Sometimes during the wedding procession, a flower girl walks down the aisle with her partner, who is usually the pageboy or ring bearer.

Flower Girl with Bridesmaid flower girl with kneeling Bride

Pageboys are also typically quite young, between the age of five and ten, family members of the bride and groom and their extended families. Again in modern times, we have seen pageboys that are the sons of the bride and groom.

Traditionally, pageboys could had differing roles, in ancient times they assisted with holding the bride's train, which was often long and quite heavy for the bride, so typically an older pageboy was used for this task.

The pageboy, used as a ring bearer, typically walks in with the flower girl. The rings are attached to a white satin cushion with silk like ribbons.

Page Boys with Hats Flower Girl with Brides Gown

Both the flower girls and pageboys are often a highlight of the wedding attendants and take some very adorable wedding photos. Some of our members of True Bride have sent in photos of their flower girls and pageboys that we share with you on this page.

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