Wedding Eyes
Bright Beautiful Eyes, windows to your soul

Bright, beautiful eyes (windows to your soul) are easy to achieve with the right makeup tricks. Here is what you need to know.

Wedding Eye Makeup

How To: Enhance Your Eyes On Your Wedding Day

Bright, beautiful eyes (windows to your soul) are easy to achieve with the right makeup tricks.
Here's what you need to know.

Frame the face

Perfectly groomed eye-brows is one of the key secrets to a well-framed face, and noticeable eyes. Keep them tidy and full and avoid over-plucking, as thin eyebrows will shrink the appearance of your eyes in comparison. Search for an expert in brow shaping - they do exist. Don't settle for a quick tidy and wax, but find an 'eyebrow-artist'

Reduce any puffiness in your eyes

Not only do red, puffy eyes look unsightly, but they also make the eyes themselves look smaller. It's not unusual to shed a tear or two on your wedding day, take allergy medication if necessary, and treat redness with eye drops.

Highlight your lashes

First, curl your lashes, invest in a good quality eye-lash curler. This will instantly open up the eyes. Next apply a double coat of mascara to define your lashes and build volume and length.

Carefully and purposely apply eyeliner

By lining your eyes all the way along the top and bottom lash line you close in the eye area. To create a more wide-eyed look, smudge liner along the top of the lash line (above the lashes, not underneath on the inner edge of your lid). Next, apply liner to the bottom lash line, but only from the outer corner to a third of the way in. Apply your eyeliner just below the lash line, not inside the rim, to make the eyes appear as large as possible. A great enhancer is white eye-liner applied on the inside lower lid, this can make the eyes look larger and brighter.

Brighten the inner corners

Add a soft touch of white eye shadow along the inner corner of your eyes. Make it subtle and well blended. This helps the whites of your eyes appear brighter and bigger.

Conceal dark circles under the eyes

To keep focus on your eyes, and not on any darkness underneath, dab concealer over your dark circles and blend until the discolouration disappears.