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How to be a great MC

How Even a Nervous, First-Time Wedding MC with No Comedy experience can Entertain and Dazzle The Wedding Guests With 101 Funny, Clean, and 'Field-Tested' Wedding Jokes.

Be a Smash Hit Even If You're A First-Time Wedding MC: There is nothing more thrilling - or SWEETER to your EARS, than hearing a room full of wedding guests laugh at your jokes... And here's the best part... You don't have to be a stand up comedian to make the wedding guests laugh. All you need is a great collection of tried, tested, and funny wedding jokes - and practical tips on how to tell them effectively - and you'll have the wedding ceremony audience in the palm of your hand.

Lee Bells & Mark Schweighardt are a team who have not only MC'ed at over a dozen weddings but in their spare time are professional comedians.

Together they know a thing or two about how to entertain wedding guests as MC. In fact, they can show you how to make sure the wedding guests enjoy a GREAT time at the wedding reception. And they can show you how to have them laughing at your jokes...even if this is your first time as a Wedding MC.

Their wedding jokes have been used by Wedding Master of Ceremonies to make wedding guests laugh at wedding receptions all over the world. That's why they created the Wedding MC Jokebook - so you can entertain the wedding guests and be the centre of attention as the Master of Ceremonies... without stealing the limelight from the bride and groom on their special day.

They know what works. And they know what doesn't work. And you can immediately benefit from their experience as Wedding MC's - as well as 20+ years as comedians - to make the wedding guests laugh. But what's really amazing is that ANY Wedding MC - inexperienced or experienced - can use these amusing wedding jokes to be funny even if you think you can't tell a joke to save your life. In fact, no matter what your level of experience is as a Wedding Master of Ceremonies, it's stunningly easy when you have the right jokes to work with... and tips on how to make them effective.

Outrageously Funny And Amusing Wedding Jokes That Give Any Wedding MC Exactly What He or She Wants!

  • Uproarious laughter.
  • Respect.
  • Recognition.
  • Compliments.

The exhilarating THRILL of hearing a room full of strangers laugh at your jokes...even if you've never told a funny wedding joke in your life. Who said you couldn't have FUN as the Wedding MC and entertain the wedding ceremony guests without stealing the show from the newlyweds?

You will have a LOT of fun delivering these wedding jokes at the wedding reception as the Master of Ceremonies. Because you're going to get a LOT of laughs. And the wedding guests are going to have a great time, too. In fact, there's a good chance you'll be complimented on how well you performed your Wedding MC duties just like David Garretty from New South Wales was when he wrote in to say: "The advice on opening with a joke was great. The audience knew every time I stood up I was going to say something funny. The telegrams all were a huge hit, everybody commented on how good it was... very pleased I got the advice."

With the Wedding MC Jokebook by your side - and with all the professional joke telling tips Lee & Mark give you - you'll be able to deliver wedding jokes at the reception with total confidence.

Wedding Master of Ceremony Joke Book