Wedding Speech
A real honour to be asked

Congratulations! Being asked to make a wedding speech or toast is one of life's great honors. Wow! What an important job that is.

You know that is challenging but you really want to be good. Whether you're the Best Man, the Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride, a close relative or just someone who wants to wish the couple well, being asked to speak at a wedding is a very special privilege.

But for many, it can also be incredibly daunting ... and in some cases, a terrifying ... experience. You might be wondering about things like: What you should say? How long you should speak? Whether to use humor? How to use a microphone? Whether to use notes? And how to calm your nerves and deal with your stage fright?

Tom Haibeck, is the author of the bestselling book of all time on how to give a wedding toas ..."Wedding Toasts Made Easy".

Wedding Toasts Made Easy is often called "The Bible of Wedding Toasts" because of its wealth of trusted, comprehensive guidance on how to research, write, practice and perfect an original, personalised wedding toast or speech. It also contains specific tips for the Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride and others asked to toast the new couple.

One of the things people seem to really like about it is that it's short and to the point. It will get you up to speed very quickly on what you need to know - and what you need to do in order to shine as a wedding speaker. It is also humorous. Insightful. Easy to read. And based on Tom's 25+ years as a Toastmaster, speaker and communications consultant (He has also provided media and speaker training to hundreds of CEOs and senior executives).

Tom's wedding toast book also contains a wealth of information on how to overcome your stage fright, using proven techniques that really work.

Apparently, Tom had to work extremely hard to overcome his own fear of public speaking, and in his book he shares with you exactly how he did it (and became an award-winning speaker in the process).

Some of the things Tom has highlighted that you should NOT do when giving a toast are:-

  1. Don't crack irrelevant jokes.

  2. Never assume you will be able to speak without preparation

  3. Never have more than 1 drink before making your toast.

  4. Never speak longer than 3 to 5 minutes

  5. Never use humour that would offend your grandmother!

Further, the secret to a great wedding toast or speech is to personalise it. Preparing your own, customised toast really isn't that difficult. A personalised speech will sound more sincere and heartfelt than a plagiarized speech you dug up on the internet.

Tom can give you everything you need to reate your own speech with ease - including easy-to-use wedding speech templates that will enable you to record your thoughts using simple, point-form notes to guide you through your toast or speech.

Wedding Toasts

"Wedding Toasts Made Easy"

"Wedding Toasts Made Easy"