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Your Wedding Vows are a very special part of your marriage ceremony, and more and more, its becoming common for couples to write their own vows to each other, as opposed to using the traditional ones most of us are familiar with.

Ideally, both the bride and the groom will write their own individual wedding vows as a testimony to the love they have for each other, rather than just a generic set that they both repeat to each other. This adds to both the romance of the occasion (hopefully there won't be a dry eye in the house when you both read your heart-felt wedding vows out to each other) AND also states publically in front of your friends and family your commitment to love, honour and cherish each other.

In fact, I believe that if more brides and grooms wrote their wedding vows from the heart AND stuck to them, the seperation and divorce rate would plummet. After all, how can 2 people break apart (regardless of whatever is going on in their life) when their overriding commitment is to love, honour and cherish their partner for life!

So, in order to write the perfect wedding vows, we recommend that you go sit somewhere quiet by yourself, perhaps playing some music in the background to help set the scene. If you and your partner-to-be have a favourite song that makes you go mushy at the knees together, then play that, because it will remind you of him or her (as is appropriate).

On a blank piece of paper, jot down in point form all the things you love about your partner - whether that be an aspect of their personality or their stunning good looks (!) or how they treat little children and small furry animals (that says a lot about a person, man or woman). Also include whatever it was that first attracted you to them.

From there, your wedding vows should start to take shape fairly easily. If you're not that good at creating a prose masterpiece, why not ask a close friend or family member that you trust who is good with the spoken/written word, to help you mould it into a wedding vow that will melt your partner's heart all over again.

The absolute most important thing to remember is to write from your HEART - speak as though no one would judge you for what you say about your true love, and be honest. A wedding vow written from the heart is the most special vow of all, because it comes from your deepest most private feelings. Share your love for this person with the universe.

An additional suggestion, if you are struggling to make the words perfect, is to speak to your celebrant. They have conducted MANY weddings and no doubt heard MANY wedding vows, so they might be able to come up with some suggestions to help you make your vows perfect.

Search for a Celebrant in our Wedding Directory find one that you both like and trust, and make sure you ask for their suggestions when it comes to the creation of your perfect wedding vows