Wedding Bouquet

Wedding flowers, buy or make your own?
Your Wedding Flowers will be a central theme to your entire wedding, both in the church and at your reception centre. Therefore, it's vital to pick the perfect flower combination, whether you go for the traditional red rose, or something more exotic such as orchids.
Ever thought of creating your own wedding flowers?

We've all done it. Looked through wedding magazines at beautiful wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flower girl baskets, floral hair pieces, posies and even flower centrepieces on reception tables. We want all the beautiful trimmings, but can't always afford to have it all.

But it is possible to make your own wedding flowers and have them look amazing ... down to the smallest detail, and it's not as difficult as you might think.

Nadine Visscher has been arranging flowers for years and has taken many floral courses. Her favorite was how to make bridal bouquets and other wedding flowers. With her expereince Nadine has put together a Beginners Guide to Wedding Flowers.

With her help, your patience and a little creative flair you could make your own wedding flowers, have fun doing it and save $100's of dollars, doing so. What an awesome achievement!

Want to create your own wedding flowers? Click Here!

Make your Own Wedding Flowers

What will your wedding flowers contain? Consider some of the following ...
Ivy means fidelity
Red roses mean passion
White roses mean purity
Quinces are for wedded happiness
Orchids mean rare beauty
Pansy means thinking of you
Parsley means festivity
Peppermint means warmth of feeling
Rosemary means remembrance
Sage-Garden means esteem
Sorrel means affection
Spearmint means warmth of sentiment
Stock means lasting beauty
Sweet Basil means good wishes
Sweet Peas mean lasting pleasure
Tulips mean eternal love
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wedding flowers
wedding flowers
wedding flowers
wedding flowers