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Wedding Budget Calculator - Manage your Budget
Welcome to True Bride's Wedding Budget Planner

Our wedding planner is designed to assist you budget for your wedding. On the left we have provided a breakdown of all items involved in planning a wedding. If an item is not relevant to you, you may choose to exclude it, or you can choose to 'add your own task' (see the bottom of the planner), if something is not there that you are planning to include.

To operate the wedding budget calculator, simply enter your budget (how much you plan to spend), the number of attendants and how many guests then click 'Calculate' and let the tool do the rest! We have included a column based on the average spend on Australian weddings, this is for your information only. Next to this column, is the calculated estimate for each item based on your budget & other information you have provided.

Your targeted/actual costs are for you to enter so you can keep track of how much you plan on spending or have actually spent. Information on 'who pays for what items & how much' is based on your actual costs. You are able to change the responsibility of 'who pays' for the various task by clicking on the drop list in the 'who pays' column, next to each task.

The Importance of a Wedding Budget Calculator

Wedding budgets can be tricky at times. It's easy to go overboard with excitement when planning a wedding. Before you begin searching for a designer wedding dress, it's essential to have an idea of how much you can afford. A wedding budget calculator is an excellent way to determine if you're on track or if there are ways to cut corners and save money. Our True Bride wedding budget calculator is simple and easy to use:

Full functionality of the wedding planner is available when logged in as a member complete with an easy to use budget calculator.

* Averages based on 2 attendants and 100 guests

Category Attendants and Guests Who pays Australian Average * Our estimate - given your budget Track your targeted or actual costs
Bride's Hair $70.00
Bride's Make Up $60.00
Bridesmaid's Hair and Make Up $135.00
Bridal Party
Bridesmaid's Dresses and Accessories $170.00
Flower Girl's Dresses and Accessories $100.00
Groomsmen's Suit and Accessories $225.00
Page Boy Suit and Accessories $68.00
Brides Attire
Bride's Gown $1,800.00
Bride's Headpiece and Veil $280.00
Bride's Shoes and Accessories $250.00
Celebrant or Officiant $275.00
Ceremony Decorations $170.00
Ceremony Musician $225.00
Ceremony Venue $280.00
Flowers and Decoration
Ceremony Flowers $145.00
Flower Girl's Flowers $35.00
Groom's Bouttoniere $17.00
Groomsmen's Bouttoniere $34.00
Reception Flowers and Centerpieces $450.00
Bride's Bouquet $250.00
Bridesmaid's Bouquets $110.00
Bridesmaid's Gifts $84.00
Gifts for Parents $158.00
Groomsmen's Gifts $84.00
Grooms Attire
Groom's Shoes and Accessories $124.00
Groom's Suit $158.00
Honeymoon and Travel
Spending Money $1,238.00
Travel and Accomodation $4,050.00
Wedding Night Accommodation $315.00
Favours $115.00
Rehearsal Dinner $340.00
Extra Prints and Video Copy $394.00
Photographer's Fee $1,688.00
Videographer's Fee $1,238.00
Beverages - Alcoholic and Soft Drink $3,377.00
Master of Ceremonies $85.00
Reception Meals $5,628.00
Reception Music $900.00
Reception Venue $675.00
Wedding Cake $560.00
Bride's Wedding Band $225.00
Groom's Wedding Band $225.00
Invitations and Reply Cards $450.00
Thankyou Notes and Placeholders $225.00
Transportation $675.00
Wedding Planning
Wedding Consultant $675.00
Total: $28,835.00 $0.00 $0.00
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